Prevention is better than cure.
The importance of good oral hygiene and visits to the dental hygienist is often underestimated. A healthy mouth without problems properly begins with good oral hygiene! Cavities and gum problems arise due to the presence of dental plaque and tartar. Many people do not know that they have poor oral hygiene. A bad smell and / or taste complaints that are considered normal, while this is not so! Also “always when I go to the dentist, I have some” is a common statement. The hygienist cleans’s teeth free from plaque and tartar and shows you how to take care of the best mouth and which products best fit your mouth.

Almost immediately after the treatment can be the difference observed between a ‘dirty’ and clean mouth. The difference between healthy and unhealthy gums is usually noticeable after a few weeks.

A regular visit to the dental hygienist is important to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent long-term problems. As well as the high costs associated therewith.