Jackie Knops, certified dental hygiënist

My name is Jackie Knops and I’m a certified dental hygiënist since 2008.
I did a 4 year bachelor level Oral Healt Care education in Amsterdam.
Since my graduation I’ve worked in several practices, including some that
specialised in care of the disabled,
and medically complex patients. I have experience in treating children and
both mentally and phisically disabled people.
My priorities are to make people feel at ease in our practice and to give
them the dental health care they deserve.

mondhygiëniste Den Haag

Jackie Knops is the owner of J.Knops dental care. Jackie has more than 10 years experience as a dental hygienist. She has experience with guiding anxious patients and treating complex gum problems.

mondhygiene den haag

I am Milad Rezai. I successfully completed my education in Leuven.
I have experience in treating anxious people and treating and guiding people with gum problems.